You have legs for moving, hands for holding, mouths for eating and eyes for seeing. Micro creatures need to do all these things too, but they don’t look like us. They have body parts totally different from ours that work in the environments they live in. Having learned about real micro-monsters you will pick an environment for your own micro-monster to live in and give your creature the body parts it needs to live in that environment. Can you do better than nature?

This workshop will take a minimum of 1 hour (preferably 90 minutes) beginning with an interactive discussion of what micro-monsters are. Mosquitoes, tapeworms and single-celled creatures among others are all included and pupils learn how they manipulate and forage in their environments as alien to us as outer space.  With the use of cut and paste body-parts on a choice of backgrounds reflecting a variety of environments (soil, gut, bloodstream, lava, water) along with likely food sources, pupils will build up a collage creating their own monster.

Resources: Micro-monster bodypart templates