From superpowers to superheroes; design your own superhero from nature

We challenge you to describe a superpower that nature hasn’t already conquered.
Flying? Old news! Invisibility? Been done! Super-fast or super-slow? Easy! Shooting death rays from your skin? Err… yup that one’s covered too. Even mind control! You will then design an outfit for your Superhero that best reflects their abilities and strengths.

This workshop will take a minimum of 1 hour (preferably 90 minutes) starting with an interactive presentation outlining the ‘super’ powers found in nature. Pupils are encouraged to think about the abilities shown in the Natural World in a new way and how they can represent the concepts they find most fascinating. With pre-prepared superhero Atemplates they are given an introduction to the basics of design: colour, shape and texture, and shown how they can be used to represent the powers of nature reflected in their own superhero.

Resources: Superhero Templates

This workshop has been recently delivered:

Saturday 8th December, 2012. Canny Comic Con, Newcastle
Friday 7th December, 2012. Paisley Grammar, Paisley
Friday 7th December, 2012. Gryffe High School, Houston