Biomarkers, NMR and Personalized Medicine

May 2013

These banners are in design. They are being created in part as public engagement banners but also to advertise to clinicians the services on offer at the Glasgow Polyomics Facility. They will detail our ability to rapidly diagnose a problem and determine at which point on the disease spectrum a patient is currently lying. In this way clinicians can tailor treatment to the individual increasing the probability of a favourable outcome.

Polyomics Public Engagement Banners

April 2013

Dr Tanita Casci, Research and Communications Manager at the Glasgow Polyomics Facility and Dr Kevin O’Dell, senior lecturer in the University of Glasgow commissioned two banners featuring characters learning about the world of Polyomics, in this case Next Generation Sequencing and Proteomics. These banners were displayed at the Glasgow Science Centre for the opening of their new BodyWorks exhibition.

Banner thumbnails

British Science Festival Comic

February 2013

The British Science Festival has its home in Newcastle this year. Perfect Spiral have been selected from many competitive entries as one of the few to contribute a page to the Newcastle Science Comic.  The comic will be distributed free to festival attendees and our page, entirely scripted, drawn and coloured by us is entitled…
‘What have Bacteria ever done for us?!’

Parasite banners

Update: April 2013. The booklet was distributed to dignitaries at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology’s David Livingstone Symposium and has been so popular it has entered a second publishing run

Professor Michael Barrett from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology in Glasgow University commissioned Perfect Spiral to create 4 illustrated pages on the parasitic diseases worked on in the centre. These pages were used as both banners and info-comics for public outreach and presentation to funding bodies.


Parasite Banners

Parasite Banners

Darth Vader Malaria

Darth Vader highlights the dangers of malaria at Leeds Thought Bubble.

Fraud info-comic for RBS AGM 2011

Perfect Spiral provided info-comic pages highlighting the dangers of phone fraud for the Royal Bank of Scotland. These were printed and distributed to staff in the 2011 AGM booklet.

RBS pages

Pages from the RBS phone fraud booklet.

Bioinformatics animated presentation

(ongoing – please look back here soon for images)

Commissioned by Heather Vincent, University of Manchester. Perfect Spiral is currently creating the artwork for an animated presentation detailing the history of bioinformatics as a discipline for teaching and as a public resource.

Polyomics outreach banners

(ongoing – please look back here soon for images)

Glasgow Polyomics, based in the University of Glasgow is a facility offering integrated genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and bioinformatic facilities. Perfect Spiral is delighted to have been asked by Dr Tanita Casci to provide outreach illustrations for them.