‘Gary has worked with all three year groups in our BA Digital Film and Television course to provide them with some of the transferable skills they need to tell stories visually. The students enjoyed the sessions and have benefited from Gary’s insights in what we hope will be an on-going teaching relationship.’
-Andy Dougan. Lecturer, Digital Film and Television. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Perfect Spiral session went down really well. The talent and enthusiasm of the facilitators was evident – all the participants seemed to come away from the session pleased with what they’d achieved, and after the session, we received (unsolicited) very
complimentary feedback. Gary and Mhairi were a pleasure to work with, very adaptable and professional.
-Alex. Canny Comic Con Organiser

We (both pupils and staff) had a great afternoon with Gary.  He proved so popular that the event was oversubscribed and had to be balloted. He is really fantastic with the kids, prompting one teacher to say she wished she could command their attention like he did, and another wondering if he could incorporate super heroes into his science lesson!  Yet another remarked it was the best afternoon of her career!  I hope to get Gary back in again for the ones who missed out first time, and I think the science workshops led by Gary and Mhairi would prove very popular.  I cannot recommend highly enough.
-Christine Kerr. Librarian, Gryffe High School

Mhairi Stewart has been a pleasure to work with over the last few years. She has been kind enough to support a variety of public engagement projects at Glasgow Science Centre. Mhairi has a wonderful talent for engaging people of all ages. She knows just how much information to give without overwhelming which is invaluable in a centre such as ours where we have a very diverse audience. I have no doubt that Mhairi has inspired several parasitologists of the future at our events.
-Tara Gibson. Science Education Co-ordinator

Gary’s workshop is probably the best thing I have organised for the pupils. He has so much enthusiasm for what he does and was great at inspiring the pupils.  I  have  never seen a group of pupils so absorbed in what they are doing  -  they  are  still  talking  about  the  visit  and  still creating superheroes!
-Louise Gordon. School Librarian, Paisley Grammar.

Mhairi Stewart and a colleague visited Burnside Primary School in March 2012 to work with two primary 7 classes.  The classes had been studying micro-organisms and Mhairi was a great benefit and support to the children and really brought this topic to life! Both Mhairi and her colleague were a pleasure to work alongside, they were very organised and dealt with the children in a very professional manner.  I would highly recommend Mhairi’s  input in any classroom.
-Julie Yardley. Burnside Primary School.